than 800 mu of beach . It is really

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Damucheng has a boundless oversized lawn, which makes people feel as if they are on the prairie. Damucheng is close to the Minjiang River, next to more than 800 mu of beach. It is really comfortable to put picnic mats, favorite snacks, cakes and water picnics here.

Each sand-proof towel is created by local weavers and tassel manufacturers in Greece and Turkey and can also be used as a beach mat, and their oversized but lightweight nature allows them to immediately become aprons or covers, making it an ideal companion for your beach escape and seaside adventure. Delivered in Greece through the Greek postal express company “ACS” and delivered abroad.

In Europe, because of the epidemic, many foreigners are forced to stay at home and cannot go to the gym. This has led to a recent surge in sales of indoor fitness equipment, such as hip resistance belts. However, some products that were very popular in the past, such as outdoor tents, picnic supplies and beach supplies, are basically not on the list:

The interior of the car is quite beige at home. In addition to the basic equipment such as the steering wheel and dashboard, there are also seats with adjustable angles. But the coolest things should be extras, including a surfboard that can be put on the roof luggage rack and a mini freezer, which is the concept of the whole family going to the beach together.

than 800 mu of beach . It is really

Dalian Jinshi Beach Luneng Hilton Resort is built near the sea, only a few steps away from Jinshi Beach. The hotel has a vast coastal garden, more intimate to provide guests with a full range of picnic services, such as snacks, tents, mats and so on. Visitors can have a picnic in the sun on the Seaview lawn in the South Square, leaving fond memories in the early summer breeze, or make an exquisite camping attempt in the isolated camping enclosed area on the west side of the hotel. Let the sea view, music and starlight become the highlight memories of this holiday.

Perhaps it is this kind of carelessness that often leads to unexpected surprises. At the end of the straight road, there are towering snow mountains, canyons, forests, red stone beaches, meadows, and cattle grazing by the roadside are leisurely. After choosing a place where they could see the snow-capped mountains, they began to have a picnic. Roast chicken wings, fried beef, boiled noodles, milk tea and coffee.

The western end of Majuro is where tourists can find this popular place for picnics and sunbathing. It takes about an hour to drive from the town of Majuro to Laura Beach Park, whose main attractions are freshwater showers, picnics and the most popular beaches in the Marshall Islands.

In other words, the friction caused by wiping your body with a towel and rolling on the beach is not easy to weaken the sunscreen of the vial, and you no longer have to worry about squeezing a bus or sweating and rubbing away the sunscreen ~

than 800 mu of beach . It is really