directly, use paper towel s to clean the water stains

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And this model has a broad outsole, which can effectively prevent the bag from tipping; the bottom zipper compartment can place dirty clothes, saliva towels, shoes and so on. It is a pity that only the handle can be held by hand, although it is convenient to pick up things, but if parents take care of their children alone, it will be more difficult to free their hands, and it may also slip when they bend over, making it more difficult to take care of their children flexibly.

directly, use paper towel s to clean the water stains

It is believed that before every baby mother goes out, she should carefully check whether the baby has a full range of things: milk powder, milk bottle, pacifier, comfort towel, baby hand wipes, diaper, baby tissue, baby toy, thermostat cup (convenient for milk flushing), waist stool, cart, picnic mat and other

The traditional way of hot compress is “dry hot compress”: this way of using hot water bag or warm bag, although the heat preservation effect is more lasting, but relatively, it is more prone to scald, especially for the elderly, the temperature sensitivity is poor, so accidents often occur. Another kind of wet and hot compress is heated with wet towels, which must be heated repeatedly in order to maintain the appropriate temperature and achieve the effect of hot compress.

For vehicles, there are the following points: spread wet towels on the dashboard. In the dry season, put a wet towel on the dashboard to increase the humidity in the car, or use a sprayer to spray some water into the car regularly, which can also increase the humidity and reduce the generation of static electricity in the car. If conditions permit, a car humidifier can be installed in the car and sprayed into the car regularly to prevent static electricity.

2: in the process of application, be careful not to be too heavy, when the bag accidentally encounters water, do not wipe directly, use paper towels to clean the water stains on the bag by suction, to avoid the conflict of the bag metal;

directly, use paper towel s to clean the water stains

Rinse the towel in 40-50 degrees warm water several times, then gently wipe the front windshield of the car, wipe it several times, and then rinse it with about 40 degrees warm water, basically you can also remove the ice at the windshield, do not use hot water when removing ice with warm water, because if you use hot water, the temperature difference between the glass and hot water is too big, easy to crack the windshield, then the loss outweighs the gain.

This bag has a large capacity and uses the design of the bag in the bag. The large bag can hold daily necessities such as computers, umbrellas and paper towels, while the small bag can hold valuable small items such as mobile phones, keys and lipstick.

Travel essential bags, take the child out need to take too many things, the side of the grid can put paper towels, there is an opening in the middle, you can directly draw paper. It is too normal for the baby to go out and spit. It is very convenient.

User evaluation: the style is novel and chic, the appearance is super high, the workmanship is fine and generous, although the bag is small, it can put mobile phones, lipstick, paper towels and other necessities inside; go out to work, go shopping, travel first choice.

directly, use paper towel s to clean the water stains

The mother has a large tolerance and many separate units, and the placement of baby supplies is clear at a glance, so there is no need to open the bag and grab it in a hurry. And now the mother bag, more and more functions, more and more complete, not only a waterproof transparent bag can be placed wet towels, but also aluminum foil insulation layer, can be kept warm for a short time. Many mother bags can be carried by hand, on one shoulder, on one shoulder, or even on both shoulders, making it convenient for mothers to use them on many occasions. If you use an ordinary large bag to place the supplies, the mother can make a separate inner tank according to her own needs, and put the bottle and water cup in the bag to prevent leakage. Or use a few more small cloth pockets or plastic bags and put them in different categories, which can also make the storage more organized.

1. Internal medicine anti-fog: when there is fog condensation on the inner surface of the car windshield in rainy, foggy and cold days, wipe the product evenly with clean towels and paper towels to prevent fog;

1. Keep the glass clean, especially the front windshield, which is an important part of keeping it clear. If there is something sticky on it, wipe it with a towel. In the use of glass water should also be used for cars, and winter and summer should be clearly used, can not be misused, otherwise the damage to the glass is very great.