For example, the Miao girl handed a towel to the tourists,

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The above is the whole content of “people take three baths, life is thinner than paper”. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the way of taking a bath, do not directly wash the body with cold water, let alone take a bath by pouring water directly from the head. When taking a bath, you should wipe your body with a towel and wait for the body to adapt before taking a shower. We also do not go to the river or unknown waters to swim, once there is a drowning situation, we do not have time to regret. Do you have any different understanding of “life is thinner than paper when you take three baths”? I hope you will leave more messages.

As the alarm sounded and the fire drill officially began, teachers in each class led the children to quickly wet towels to cover their mouths and noses, stoop and walk quickly, without making any noise, and evacuated to the outdoor safety zone in a rapid and orderly manner according to the scheduled evacuation route.

After the conditioner is applied to the hair, without a heating cap, you can wrap the hair with a hot towel for about 3 to 5 minutes. After the conditioner is slightly heated, the effect will be better!

It is better to use a professional antifogging agent for car defogging, for example, products such as car maid glass antifogging agent, which is specifically aimed at automobile glass fog. Just wipe the inside of the windshield clean before use, then spray the antifogging agent on the window with a little spray, and finally wipe it evenly with a towel and wait for it to dry.

The use of washing machine effervescent tablets is also very simple, according to the frequency of use of the washing machine, every 2-3 weeks, throw the washing machine effervescent tablets into the washing machine, and then throw in a towel (absorbing dirt), and then use the self-cleaning function of the washing machine.

Strictly implement the disinfection and isolation system formulated by the leading group for nosocomial infection management, and conscientiously implement the principle of aseptic technology in nursing operation. For the disposal of patients, so that one person, one needle, one tube, wet sweep the bed every day. Wipe the bedside table and bed with disinfection towel every day, wipe the table of the treatment room every day, and disinfect with ultraviolet radiation. Every month regularly do air disinfection and air training, all kinds of medical waste seriously do a good job of shape destruction, soaking, sub-packaging, and hand-over with relevant personnel, timely and serious registration. After the patient was discharged from the hospital, the bed unit did the final disinfection treatment to put an end to the occurrence of nosocomial infection.

As there were fewer guests on the night shift, after collecting a few tables, I was arranged to clean the work cabinet again. This time I changed a kind of brown towel with a blue bucket. You read it right. In Haidilao, even the buckets for wiping things are classified and very strict. It feels like the rules made by some obsessive-compulsive disorder patients. Of course, this also shows that the stores that strictly implement the process are indeed very clean inside and outside. Food hygiene can definitely stand the test.

It is true that Miao girls are very enthusiastic, but after learning the habits here, many tourists are not excited. For example, the Miao girl handed a towel to the tourists, and many unwitting tourists took it casually, thinking that it was a gift given to them by the Miao girl. in fact, this towel is very secret.

The first task of the room attendant is to clean the room. Cleaning the guest room is also a must standard to find. At work, the waiter should knock on the door before entering the room, and the knocking force should not be too strong, otherwise it will frighten the guests, but also to prevent the sound from causing the two guests to be inaudible. Another point is that when the waiter arrives at the door of the room, if he finds that the door is open and there are no guests in the room, be sure to report to the service center and clearly record the entry time on the room table. In practice, two people usually clean the room together, so as to avoid the omission of room items and sanitary conditions. One person is responsible for cleaning the bathroom, mainly cleaning glass, toilets and mending towels and consumables. The other is responsible for the room outside the bathroom, mainly including bed-making, sweeping, dusting, mending and mopping the floor. Under normal circumstances, I am responsible for things other than the bathroom.